Bonnie Lappin
President & Founder
of The Lappin Company

Heidi B. Rosen
of Clinical Dynamix Inc. 
Bonnie Lappin founded The Lappin Company, a career consulting and recruitment firm specializing in multiple disciplines within life sciences and other industries, in 1989.The Lappin Company operates globally and works primarily with candidates who are not actively seeking a new position. Bonnie's expertise is in working with candidates to develop their 3-5-year career plan. Career consulting is one of the hallmarks of the company. She also specializes in strategic collaboration with client companies to identify talented individuals within limited candidate pools. Bonnie is actively involved in initiatives that support diversity and inclusion. The Lappin Company seeks out companies building diversity into their succession planning and current management team. Bonnie currently is a Board Member of Healthcare Businesswomen's Association - Florida chapter and has been a Board Member of the Boston and European chapters (7,000 plus global membership) She has been a featured speaker on career consulting in the U.S., Germany, France and Switzerland. 
Heidi has been working in the Medical Consulting field since 1995. She established Clinical Dynamix, Inc. in 1999 to provide a variety of Clinical and Medical Staffing Services to conduct all aspects of Clinical Trials. Heidi is dynamic with an exceptional understanding of our industry. She has specialized in working in tandem with Pharmaceutical Executives to assist them in staffing their R and D groups. Thus successfully running their clinical trials and licensing their products. Heidi has been the driving force behind developing client relationships and guiding recruiting efforts.
Shellie Caplan
of Caplan Associates
For more than 35 years Shellie has been fortunate to be able to help professionals in the healthcare industry reach their goals. She focuses on the commercial side of Pharma and Biotech, sourcing senior level management executives. This includes positions within all of marketing, sales management, business development, medical affairs, and medical education. Also servicing supplier companies such as healthcare advertising agencies, PR firms, medical communication companies, interactive businesses, and contract sales organizations. Caplan Associates also specials in professional coaching services including company supported, one-on-one, team and individual programs.

Elaine Crowley
of The Crowley Group
As a Leadership Coach with corporate and private clients who focus on influencing, communication, emotional intelligence, team performance and organizational effectiveness, Elaine began working in the bio-pharm industry in 1984. Prior to founding The Crowley Group in 2000, she served as VP, Human Resources and Organizational Development in 3 organizations. Her team building and professional development programs include follow-up coaching to turn ideas into behavior at work, Elaine created Leading For Impact, an advanced leadership development experience for high potential women (2013) and provides other customized training programs that link skills with a company's values/culture. She speaks and writes frequently on leadership and management issues.
Cheryl Abramson
Senior Consultant
for The Lappin Company 
With 30 years of recruiting search experience, Cheryl has a talent for understanding the essence of the candidate profile and the culture of the company. This has resulted in long-term relationships with many of my client companies while she enjoys collaborating with clients to develop exceptional talent. Cheryl works with profit and non-profit organizations providing full cycle candidate development including targeted companies, comprehensive candidate vetting and resume presentation. 
Seuss Recruitment is the pharma recruitment specialist that finds the most synergistic fit between life-science superheroes and forward-thinking pharma and biotech companies using the ancient art of matchmaking with a modern twist. Valuing making life-changing career placements above all else, Kieran, Sabine and their staff treat clients and candidates as people, not numbers. The right match improves both the company and the life of its new employee, and there is no greater satisfaction than that. Via diverse recruitment services, Seuss, an Amsterdam-based firm, creates tailored solutions for different levels and phases of recruiting, including: Recruitment, Rent-a-Recruiter, for larger-scale projects, Executive Recruitment and Pre-Employment Screening.
Kieran Canisius
of Seuss Recruitment, Amsterdam
Sabine Hutchison
of Seuss Recruitment, Amsterdam